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The official blog for Zeppoli's - Italian Comfort Food. We're a catering company in Niagara Falls, Ontario providing delicious Italian food. On this blog you'll learn about our food philosophy, we'll share our memories and post delicious recipe ideas.

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Hey amici,

This is going to be a bit of a long post so apologies in advance. We’ve been receiving quite a few emails and messages since our last post. So many questions, in fact, that we decided a FAQ was in order. We won’t answer all the questions below but we will address the more common ones for sure. Thanks for your love, support and words of encouragement.

Please read on:


Where are you located?

Our new space will be located at 8279 Lundy’s Lane, Unit A-8.

Is parking available?

There are many spots for free parking available in our plaza. Plus, if you do not drive you’ll be happy to know that we are on a major bus route.

Will you deliver?

Yes! Delivery is always available and it’s free within Niagara Falls and surrounding towns with a minimum $50 purchase.

For orders under $50 there is a nominal charge of $5 per delivery.

Will there be dine-in options?

Although our new space will function mostly as a quick-serve and tavola calda (hot table) there will be some seating available to enjoy your meal.

It’s a process. As we grow we have plans for expansion including offering a full dining experience.

Will you still cater events?

Yes! Catering has been our bread and butter for the last 7 years and we’re proud of the wonderful relationships we’ve built with our customers. Nothing will change. If you’re having a larger party or event we’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

Are you sustainable?

We’re very passionate about what we eat and how we eat it and about our environment.

We’re on a mission to become 100% sustainable and here are some of the ways we’ve begun that process:

⁃ Energy-saving equipment throughout the building
⁃ LED lighting in the front and back of the house
⁃ Recycling of fryer oil to convert into bio-diesel
⁃ Improving waste reduction and buying/storage practices
⁃ Improving our water efficiency
⁃ Limiting the use of paper for administrative use and becoming 100% paperless by 2018
⁃ Sourcing only ethically-raised and sustainable animal products and sustainable produce
⁃ Only sourcing most of our products within a 150 km radius of our location
⁃ Supporting local in everything we do
⁃ Using sustainable and eco-friendly disposables

Do you support local charities and initiatives?

We are all about building and supporting a thriving local community. We’re currently in talks with several like minded people and are excited to be forging new partnerships in healthcare, theatre, cancer research, poverty reduction and much more. Stay tuned!

Are you a scratch kitchen?

Yes! We make mostly everything in house with the exception of some specialty items and some bread.



Can I have a tour of your kitchen?

But of course. Let’s get it up and running first! :)

What’s on the menu?

Expect the same delicious food you’ve enjoyed previously with some very cool surprises.

Zeppoli’s - Italian Comfort Food is about honoring our childhood. For that we have to go back to Italy. Expect to experience some dishes that while readily available in Italy may not necessarily be common here in Canada.

Will you sell pizza?

Certainly we will but we’d love it if you would try our schiacciatta.

Schia’ who?

Schiac….never mind. Just come in and try it.

Can you explain your name?

Zeppoli (zep-o-lee) are little balls of fried dough.


Well sort of….think more akin to a beignet. They’re often served around the holidays and are a very important Italian tradition in our household.

At our restaurant you can have them every day.

We make them to order and insist you enjoy them as soon as you receive them. Best enjoyed when hot.

We love what you’re doing and want to support you. How can we do that?

We’ve received help during our construction from some very unexpected places. We’re so appreciative of any and all support we receive.

The single best way you can help us is by spreading the word about us. Share this post. Follow us and share our updates. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date.

Tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, and your co-workers. You’ll have our undying love and loyalty. Forever. That’s infinity + one!

Want to learn more?


Psst - still a work in progress.

Have more questions?

Email the owner directly and just ask.

Jerry has zero tolerance for a cluttered inbox so you can count on same day responses most days.
Ok friends, thanks for reading. Now can we ask you to do one more thing? Get your calendars out and make a big, fat circle around September 1st.

We can’t wait to greet you with open arms!


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Entering couldn’t be easier. We want your email! 

No nothing nefarious about it. As you all know we are building our new space which will open late summer and we strongly believe that your email is the quickest way to get information out to you.

What kind of information?

- Daily in-store promotions and sales- Free coffee/tea days for our VIP club members

- Updates on current events and happenings

- Free giveaways

- A free “Birthday” surprise just for you on your birthday

I already follow you on social media, isn’t that enough?

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I will love you forever, plus a day.