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An important message to our valued customers

We want to thank you all for your ongoing support and patronage over the last few months. It’s made this critical first year of business all that much easier.

As you all know it’s hard to start a business, especially a restaurant. It’s a highly competitive market with many factors needed to align perfectly in order to achieve success.

Beginning January 17, you will notice slight increases in our menu pricing. Unfortunately these price increases are necessary in order for us to remain competitive and to help meet our financial goals and frankly - to continue serving this community.

The increases, however slight (less than 5% in most cases) will better align us with our budgetary goals and will more accurately reflect our quality.

To be honest, you, our dear customers have mentioned many times that our pricing should reflect the quality of our menu and while we always had this in mind, it’s become even more apparent as we applied theory to practice.

Here at Zeppoli’s we pride ourselves on using high-quality ingredients in all our recipes. We make everything from scratch which incurs additional labor costs and the use of our ingredients comes with a hefty price tag which we will not sacrifice to the detriment of nutritional value and the overall quality of our food.

We stand by our quality and truly believe that the proof is in the taste.

Of course, other factors have affected this decision including :the increase in tariffs from the USA (ie: packaging / chafing dishes / aluminum)and increases in pricing from our suppliers, due to the Ontario government’s decision to increase the minimum wage. While the minimum wage increase to $15 has been halted the cost of ingredients across the board has increased.

We hope that you’ll continue to honour and support us with your loyalty. Frankly we exist because of you, our dear and valued customers. In turn you can continue to expect the very best customer service and the best Italian food your dollar can buy.

This is Year 2 of our business in its current format but it’s one year of many to come. We love you all.

Thank you

The Zeppoli’s Family


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